Ships In Boddles or a Brooklyn Romance

She wuz from Flatbush

I wuz from East New Yawk

I assed her out

She dint want no part of me

When I told her

We would take da subway

She said she was ust to

Big cahs

And what kind of goil

Did I think she wuz?

She was too classy

To ride da subway

On a date

Speshially wid a boy

From East New Yawk

I tole her I wood get me

Fadda’s cah

It was a big ass 

’59 Chevy Belair

We could ketch a flick

Den watch da sumarine races

At Marine Pahkway

She tole me she wuz pahticula

About da movies she would see

She dint like vilense

She liked comedies

And lovey dovy movies

But da best part a her poisonality

Wuz she loved sumarine races

We spent 2 hours in da movies

Watching Troy Donahue and

Sandra Dee in some stupid

Lovey dovy flick

Den we went to Marine Pahkway and 

Watched da sumarine races for tree hours

Until the cops chased us away

Da next tree weekends 

We saw a lovey dovy flick

Den we went to da sumarine races

Each week we would leave the flick

A liddle earliah and head down

To Marine Pahkway

For da sumarine races

Dat way we had more time

To watch da submarines

I never met a goil

Who loved da submarines

As much as she did

After da fith date

She invited me into her home

To meet her famly

All ovah her house

Dere wuz ships in boddles

And her faddah was standin dere

In his navy uniform 

No wonder she loved

Sumarine races

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