Something From Nothing

Make something from nothing,
If you are lucky
It happens all the time.

How many times have you looked at your
Best friend, lover, sister, brother
Just stared at each other?
At first, just a gaze
Soon you both crack a little smile
The smile gets broader as you both continue to stare
The smile turns into a laugh because you can’t hold it in
In a few more seconds you are both laughing so hard
You have to hold your sides.
It can last for five minutes
You have to force yourself to stop.

What just happened?
History remembered
Memories returned
Future looked at
Love happened.

You will probably forget it
Until it happens again.
In a few days,
Maybe tomorrow, if you are lucky,
You’ll do it again;
Make something from nothing.

It was the best part of your day
But it didn’t come from nothing
It came from the deepest recesses of your heart
From the part of your brain where the best memories are stored
From your ability to love
And show it
And enjoy it.

Make something from nothing?
I hope so
Don’t you?

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