One Laugh At A Time

How do you fall in love?

One laugh at a time.

If it doesn’t start with a laugh

Do you really have a chance?


When the laughter stops

The love will soon follow

If it hasn’t already


When she laughed

It made me feel good

A smile is just as good

Especially when it is unexpected


In the beginning

I told the jokes and wisecracks

She always laughed

As we got older together

She got more selective

I had to work a little harder

But every laugh I got

Made me love her more

I wonder if she knew that?


She could be naturally funny

People loved her

More than they loved me

She laughed with them

She smiled with them

Just as she brought joy into my life

She brought joy into theirs


I would enter a room with her

And people looked forward to seeing her

They were happy to see her

It started with a laugh

One laugh at a time.


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