When I was six
Big was ten
Old was anyone working
And anyone too old to work
Was ancient, like Grandpa.
A six story building was tall
A skyscraper,
Like in Manhattan,
Was gigantic.

New Jersey was far away.
The Catskills were even farther.
California and Texas and Alaska
We’re a million miles away.
When you lived in Brownsville
Even Coney Island was a trip.

When I was six
Life was an adventure.
My days were filled with adventures.
My nights were filled with homework,
Then radio and fights with my brother
But we never hurt each other.
When I became big at ten
Television was finally in our house.
Goodbye radio,
Goodbye young imagination.

I wanted to be ten
And live in a six story building
With an elevator
Instead of a four story walk up.
When I grew up
I wanted to work in a skyscraper
In Manhattan.

I did all of that
And traveled a million miles.
But nothing was better than six
And radio
And fights with my brother.

There was one thing…

  1. Marlene says:

    Romantic look back Loved it.

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