A New Adventure

They told me I was on a grief journey

That’s what everyone who loses someone is told

But they didn’t really know me

And I didn’t know myself

I believed them

Because I didn’t know better

Yes, I grieve

But I am not on a new and separate journey

It took me nine months to realize where I am


I never thought of my life with Kat as a journey

If anything, it was an adventure, as she said many times

But it is also a journey

My thoughts

My feelings

Even my grief

Is a continuation of the journey

Kat and I started 49 years ago


The journey continues

Grief is now a part of that journey

Sometimes accompanied by tears

But grief is only one element

There are wonderful memories

There is great admiration

There is reflection

There is the realization that only hindsight can bring you

There is deep love that goes both ways

There is even communication not previously imaginable


That journey will continue on this earth

As long as I am alive

When I am gone from this earth

We will be together as the journey continues

As we begin a new adventure.

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