I Hate Poetry That Rhymes

I don’t like poetry

When words have to rhyme

That’s a crime

Its more sublime

When words don’t have to rhyme


When one word sounds like another

Hard to tell apart

The poet I’d like to smother

Have him depart

Send him to Walmart

Have him slapped by Bogart


It doesn’t take talent

Or a modicum of brains

For the poet to find

Words that rhyme

I’d rather be in pain

Or chains

Or even the Ukraine


I’d rather write free verse

To express my views

Or ride in a hearse

With a nurse

Who lost her purse

Why I’d sound like Langston Hughes

Or someone who sings the blues


There once as a man from France

Who lost his underpants

What’s so good about that?

Id rather kiss a wombat

Wearing a straw hat

Writing such drivel

Would cause me to shrivel


If the last word on top

Sounds like the last word below

The writers got issues

Makes me want to take out the tissues

Cause I’ll be cryin soon

Why is he such a goon

A baboon


Wait a sec

Shakespeare and Milton

And Byron and Edna Saint

Wrote poems that rhyme

So what’s my complaint?

If it’s good enough for them

Why should I condemn

Unpack your rhyming dictionary

Be a rhyming luminary

Be a visionary

With a secretary

In a monastery

God, I hate it!

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