Always (A Poem I imagined Kat would write to me)

Look at my pictures

And talk to me

I will talk to your heart

As I have always done


When you need to laugh

Smile at my picture

I will return the smile

As I have always done


Let me hear you laugh

Because it fills my heart with joy

Tease me as you used to

and I will feel alive


Think of me

When you are lonely

I will be there for you

We were not meant to be lonely

We were never lonely


Don’t be sad

Remember what we mean to each other

Remember how we used to be in our hearts

That is how we will always be


Use my resolve

Make it your own

Be strong for me

As you always are


We were never sparing in our love

It was always there for both of us

We shared it

What is better to share?


When you need to find me

Look into your heart

Feel me in your heart

I am always in your heart,


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