I Know I’m Alive

When I am crying
I know I’m alive
I am feeling
I am remembering
I am contemplating
what was.

At the beginning
the tears lasted a long time
It brought me
to sadness
to deep melancholy
to that horrible feeling
of loss
without hope.

What has changed?
The contemplation
has lead to better understanding
The remembering
has lead to better appreciation.
The feeling
Has lead to compassion.

And that face that is always
in front of me
inspiring me
loving me
accepting my love
as she always did.

  1. Ladybug says:

    Another way to reflect on this passing of time is that you are gradually coming to terms with your wife’s passing. The loss is so hard and your poetry is an amazing reflection of your own personal transitions beautifully stated.

    My own observation is that we choose whether we will go on after a dearly beloved spouse’s passing or whether we will exit. I’ve seen couples who were literally bound together and just sign off literally in days and weeks of each other — unable to live without each other.

    • Bob Jacobs says:

      I cant imagine not going on. I dont even know what that means.
      Thanks for reading it and giving me feedback. it means a lot to me.
      I hope you enjoy other stuff on the website.

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