Waiting for her to put on her makeup

Does she really need to?

Waiting for the waitress to bring the check.

If she doesn’t come in five minutes

I’m leaving.

Waiting for the dog to pee

Soon I’ll be joining him.

Waiting for the mailman


It’s just ads and bills.

Waiting for the doctor to call me

With the test results

Be cool, it’s only

Life or death.

Waiting for the light to change

I wish I can change.

Waiting for the check to arrive

Not really, it’s all electronic.

Wait till the sun shines, Nelly

Who’s Nelly?

Wait till I start my diet

Or buy longer belts.

Wait till the sun rises

And pull down the shades.

Wait till the cows come home

Then learn how to milk.

Wait for the bell to ring

Before the teacher gets to me.

Wait for the telephone to be answered

By the customer service rep 

With the Indian accent

Who is always named Kevin.

Waiting for her to put on her coat

And waiting

And waiting.

Waiting for the bubble to burst

And hoping it doesn’t.

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