She’s Not Who She Appears To Be

She enters the apartment and calls out “Harry”.  No answer.  She looks out, past the living room, to the balcony and sees Harry lying on the chaise lounge.  As she gets closer it looks like his eyes are closed and he is playing with himself.  Enraged, she runs out to the balcony while taking the knife out of her handbag.  She slashes him several times in the area where his left hand is placed.  She then plunges the knife in his heart,  twice.  Finally she plunges the knife into his brain but she is unable to withdraw it.  She runs out of the apartment, leaving the door open,  and is seen by three neighbors waiting for the elevator.  Geri is wearing a short bright red leather jacket and her tight fitting jeans make her very noticeable to the three men.  She is in a state of dishevelment.  She goes to the stairway and runs down the seven flights.  As she exits the apartment building several passersby see her run.  She runs to the corner and turns west heading for the subway station to take her downtown to the apartment she shares with her mother on West 26st Street.

The three neighbors on the seventh floor see that the door to Harry’s apartment  is open.  They go back to the  apartment,  look in and see what appears to be a body on the balcony.  They call the police.  Within 48 hours the police investigation is complete and Geri Josephs is charged with the murder of Harry Shafner.  The library needs to hire a replacement for  Harry. That is not a problem because the library believes in hiring and promoting from within. The other five victims of Harry’s sexual assaults are happy that Harry has got his just desserts and all have a great deal of sympathy for Geri.  Eileen could care less.  She is happy because her date with Steven went very well.  She did spend the night and their relationship had moved to a new plateau.  It would be five years until she acquired the pistol.


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  1. Robin says:

    Definitely kept my interest. Would have liked it to be longer. Poor, poor Geri, lucky Eileen. I guess justice doesn’t prevail in every case. Harry did get what was coming to him.

  2. Bob Jacobs says:

    At some point there will be a follow-up story or stories.
    I will also expand it a little via a rewrite.
    It may be part of a book of short stories where the character Eileen shows up in a few stories.
    If you enjoy, please point your friends to the story and the website.
    Comments are always appreciated.

    thanks, Bob

  3. Bob Jacobs says:

    No guest posting

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