She’s Not Who She Appears To Be

As Eileen was waiting for the cab she thought should I pick up some hot and sour soup from Yung Lee or a meatball parmigiana sandwich from Ninos for a late dinner?   She remembered she had a previously opened bottle of wine in the refrigerator.  Red, white, it didn’t make any difference to her.  She decided on the hot and sour soup because she had a lot to eat at the Christmas party.  As the cab drove her home she thought about tomorrow night and her upcoming fourth date with Steven.   Steven was going to cook dinner for her at his apartment then they would watch a movie together.  She wondered if he was finally going to make THE MOVE on her.   Eileen was hoping to spend the night with Steven.  Her thoughts briefly went back to Harry.   She did not feel one ounce of guilt about killing him.  She could easily get over bad experiences.  She did not think of herself as a person who sought revenge but  she did believe in justice.

About 20 minutes after Eileen left Harry’s apartment, Geri Josephs,  Harry’s fifth victim, rings his doorbell. She rings for about 30 seconds and no one comes to the door. She takes a key out of her pocketbook, unlocks the door and enters the apartment.  After she was sexually assaulted by Harry she threatened to go to the police unless Harry dated her, unless they became a couple.  Harry agreed to do this and did so for three months.  After the three months Harry told Geri he was dropping her.  She could go to the police if she wanted to.  No one would believe a woman was sexually attacked if she dated her sexual attacker for three months following the attack.  Towards the beginning of  the three months she got Harry to give her a key to his apartment.

Geri also worked at the library.  She stacked books and also helped out at the circulation desk.  She has a secure but relatively low level position.  She had one year at Hunter college.  She couldn’t go any further in the library without a college degree.  Geri was plain of face, a totally forgettable face, but she was stacked.  She was all tits and ass.  She tended to wear slightly tight sweaters and skirts.  She had no trouble getting dates.  Library patrons frequently asked her out.  Some patrons came to the library just to see her.  None of the dates lead to anything other than attempts at a sexual relationship.  Either she didn’t want the person she was dating or they didn’t want her.  She was very happy when Harry asked her out.  He was a bigwig at the library; educated and almost handsome.  She would have slept with him, just not on the first date.  She saw the sexual assault as an opportunity and she was going to take advantage of it.

She was enraged when Harry dropped her.  Harry took her to nice places.  The sex was a little rough but she could cope with it and was learning to enjoy it.  She tried to get him to change his mind without any success.  She would wear even more alluring clothes to work.  That got her asked out often but not by Harry.  She didn’t want to date the losers she was used to dating before Harry.  As time went on she got more and more enraged.  She saw no future for herself without Harry.  She wanted to get even with him. She bought  a Sheffield 7 inch fixed blade hunting knife from Amazon and carried it with her in her pocketbook.

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  1. Robin says:

    Definitely kept my interest. Would have liked it to be longer. Poor, poor Geri, lucky Eileen. I guess justice doesn’t prevail in every case. Harry did get what was coming to him.

  2. Bob Jacobs says:

    At some point there will be a follow-up story or stories.
    I will also expand it a little via a rewrite.
    It may be part of a book of short stories where the character Eileen shows up in a few stories.
    If you enjoy, please point your friends to the story and the website.
    Comments are always appreciated.

    thanks, Bob

  3. Bob Jacobs says:

    No guest posting

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