Doctor:  Why are you here, Mr. Roth?

Mr. Roth: Your office called me and told me I need to make an appointment.

Doctor:  Yes, but why did you make the appointment?

Mr. Roth:  Because your office manager told me to.

Doctor:  We are not getting anyplace, let me check your records.

Doctor:  You seem to have lost a lot of weight rapidly.  The last time I saw you, you weighed 500 lbs,  today you weighed 240 lbs.  How did you manage to lose 260 lbs in 10 months?

Mr. Roth:  My wife left me and she weighed 260 lbs.

Doctor: Did you love your wife?

Mr. Roth: I loved 120 lbs of her.  I couldn’t stand the other 140 lbs.

Doctor: Do you know where your wife went?

Mr. Roth: She ran off with the guy at the amusement park who guesses people’s weight. She got on the scale, he said “140 lbs”, she said “Goodbye, Harry”, I haven’t seen her since.

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