Perfect STRANGErs

Overheard at a speed dating meet up in Manhattan

She said, ”Do I know you?”

He said “No, I don’t think we ever met.  Do I look familiar”?

She said, “No you don’t look familiar.  As a matter of fact I’ve never met anyone who looked as unfamiliar as you do”.

  He said “ is there anything about me you recognize:  my voice, my speech patterns, my hair style, my accent, my posture, my clothing choices?”. 

She said, “No, there is nothing about you that is recognizable. By the way, you do realize you are completely  bald, don’t you?  That is weird because I can usually recognize at least one characteristic  in everyone I see.  Is there anything you recognize in me?”.

He said, ”Your nose ring.  My first girlfriend had earrings like that.  Your blue suede belt.  My guitar teacher had shoes like that.  The tattoo you have on the back of your right hand.  My first wife had the same tattoo on her…………………………………….………….     never mind.  Do you like long jokes or short jokes?”

She said, “I don’t like jokes at all.  People take them too seriously.  Humor shouldn’t be characterized, it should just happen in a very natural way.  I love when people laugh at me. I love bringing joy to people.  If I need to appear to be stupid for that to happen, that’s okay.   I never take it personally, except a guffaw, I hate a guffaw.  To me a guffaw is like spitting on someone.”

He said, “I never met anyone like you.  You are really strange.  I don’t like strange.  If I wanted to meet someone new and strange, and not particularly interesting, I might look for you, if I knew what you looked like when I was looking. 

She said, “When I asked you ‘Do I know you’? couldn’t you have just said ‘No’  and gone on your way?

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