Bob and Kat

Kat’s Eulogy

When cancer was diagnosed about 27 months ago we did not tell everyone back east because Kathy did not want people to feel sorry for her, did not want to be thought of as a sick person, and she did not want to be the subject of depressing conversations. We lived our lives and always hoped for the best. Kathy did not miss a week at the gym until this August.

I wanted to grow old with Kathy. Until the very end, Kathy never looked old, acted old, or felt old. We never felt we were old. She would have been a unique and outstanding elder person if, in fact, she ever would have gotten old.

We shared our lives until the very end and, I believe, we still do.

I married way above my station in life.


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  1. Annette says:

    Again, small correction (I’m a frustrated editor, and, my David was a grammar nut) are family s/be-our family.

    Love the detail of the Jewish stars still on the doors.

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