Blog – Kat’s Inner Strength

Kat had unparalleled inner strength. I believe that much of it came from her religious beliefs. Yet she never flaunted her religion and rarely even mentioned it. She did not look down on people who did not have her inner strength. Just the opposite as she often tried to encourage and help those who needed help of any kind. The few times in her life when someone was nasty to her she would walk away from them and put them out of her mind. She had no need to show them up. She had some family difficulties as a young child that she called on her inner strength to overcome. She refused to let grand mal epilepsy control her life. She believed that God would not give her more than she could handle. In the latter stage of her life she may have believed that God was testing her. She never complained and she handled herself with incredible grace. She believed in herself and she believed in me. There is no greater compliment I could receive.


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